Well folks, the deed is done.

The wedding dress only required a dozen or so on-the-spot alterations. We were able to go without the helium balloons and the bride still managed to float down the aisle. For the reception, it was decided to shed the hula hoops so the bride could have improved mobility, but due to the course of events, I'm wondering if maybe I should have made the hoops a little more permanent.

I was ambushed.

I was chased down and ambushed by the bride even though she was carrying her six foot train and her bouquet. Of course, my way was a little impeded since I was at the front of a crowd of single women, aged two and older.

So yes, I "caught" the bouquet with about the same amount of effort as you might catch a cold after you've taken vitamin C, echinacea, and lots of water.

Imagine my efforts in trying to explain that one to the on lookers.

An eight year old: "I thought she was supposed to throw it."

The volunteer caterer: "Just keep in mind that I can't do another wedding for another couple months."

The Young Marrieds group: "Give us some time. We'll find someone."

The older marrieds: "You never know, there's always tomorrow."

The florist: "I tried to make the bouquet aerodynamic, but if I had known..."

The videographer to the mother of the groom while aiming the camera at me: "So, what do you have to say about the upcoming wedding of another child... don't you think she should get a boyfriend first?"

And that is just a sampling. But in the end, all I have left to say is this: carrying home a bouquet of red roses is much better than carrying home a cold.


And where are the photos?
slowlane said…
I suspect that you will have to go about bugging some of the others who were there, since I am one of those old fashioned people that uses film in my camera, and I am due to leave the country before I have time to develop the film.