Top Ten Reasons For Not Updating Your Blog

10. Blogs are so last year.
9. Your fingers have frozen around the remote control and you can't operate a hair dryer to defrost them.
8. Your New Year's resolution involves avoiding all modern technology.
7. Your brain is fried and the funniest thing you can come up with is an elephant joke involving peanuts.
6. You adopted six Foodle puppies and they make it impossible for you to move.
5. You live in a tree with your wife Jane.
4. Blogging is against your religious and political beliefs.
3. Your acrylic fingernails make it impossible to type.
2. Your prison sentence forbids you the use of the internet.
1. You've decided there is no better way to annoy me.


Matthew Carroll said…
So how does Jane know when the elephant's been in the pantry?
caedmonstia said…
You forgot "Your camera broke and now every picute you take turns out just white"
caedmonstia said…
I mean "picture". Sorry, my fingers are frozen so I am typing wrong.