June...er July. No, June. Or maybe July?

Sometimes you blink and a month is gone. Of course there were a few things that happened in that month, but evidently not as many as I thought.

The first week of June, coming off of a semester full of semester, I carefully sent out birthday cards to everyone on my list. It was a crazy week, and I knew of five celebrations, and I managed five birthday cards.

A month later, I called one of the friends I had sent a card to, apologizing for never following up on inviting her out to lunch for her birthday. Not until I hung up after leaving a message did I have the great epiphany that her birthday wasn't the first week of June, but the first week of July. I do that frequently with anniversaries, birthdays, and planned-events-not-good-to-be-forgotten. June and July just sort of blend together.

I'm sure you can understand it. After all, everyone has to get halfway through either of them before realizing which it is.


Vicki Carroll said…
January. You forgot January. All those JJJJJJJ words confuse us. It's like July 1,2,3, and 4. That was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, right? No. Oh, man, I've been putting the wrong date on all my checks!