Annoying Cat

My annoying cat has an absurd way of showing affection.

It inlvolves her claws... the full length of them.

Alas, it is not only my skin which feels the joy of the claws. I say "alas" because after all, skin heals.

Jeans do not.

Nor do favorite sweaters.

And with or without technological advancement, niether do keyboards. I now am missing a rather vital letter, although I have managed to write this entry without it.

The quick brown fox jaunts over the lazy dog.


point appears plainly: personally i perceive no plethora of p's. in part I pine empathetically picturing poor pitiful you.
caedmonstia said…
What, I don't get it. i can't figure out which letter is missing.

However, our previous commenter seems to have a sticky "p" button. Maybe his cat is sitting on it or something.