A list of things you should not do when you are sick

1) Come up with catchy titles.

2) Blow someone a kiss.

3) Forget to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

4) Decide to start selling Mary Kay.

5) Ask someone to go get you a blanket and slippers so that you can finish your Snood game.

6) Make plans for all of the things you will do before the week is over and then realize that it is already Wednesday and isn't Monday anymore.

7) Pester other people about why they aren't updating their blog every half hour.

8) Conveniently forget that "contagious" does not exempt you from doing laundry, homework, and brushing your teeth.

9) Stare at the computer for hours thinking that if you wait just a little bit longer something interesting will happen.

10) Insist on a list of ten just because everything should end in a good round number.