Geese and Autumn Leaves

Today with the sunset, I see a flock of geese on their migration south. Say "hello" to Southern California for me when you get there, I think.

I can't help but think of the geese that regularly flew over our house as they made the arduous migration from the golf course just north of us to the shores of the yacht club just south of us like retirees who have no fear of their pension running low.

I idly wonder whether these Wisconsin geese will ever return to these northern climes or if, like the geese I knew, they will take up residence on the carefully greened lawn of the golf course. I wouldn't blame them. Learning to live rent free in Southern California is no small magic.

The last month has been gorgeous winter weather by Southern California's standards. Aside from the torrential rain and the thunder storms so close we can hear the lightening sizzle as it strikes, it's been pretty much the same. The leaves started changing color the first week of September and there isn't all that much difference between our Autumn Leaves picture of 2014 and our Autumn Leaves picture of 2015. Pretty much identical, don't you think?
September 26, 2014

September 4, 2015

The geese don't think so. And in our six weeks of Wisconsin living, we've discovered more surprising differences than the weather and geese with flight routes longer than two miles. 

If the Southern California weather holds a little longer, I might even live to tell you about it.