Wisconsin in Spring

Of course it would be a travesty if I were to have posts about every day of Wisconsin Winter and not even one post about Wisconsin in Spring.

So here is that one post.

Can I just affirm that tulips are amazing? Maybe (almost maybe), winter is worth the glory of a city populated by tulips.

Okay, and dandelions. Giant dandelions.

I've decided that if I were to create a crayon color for spring, I would call it Hallelujah Green and it would be that luminous green of a fresh spring leaf.

Periodically, SmilesBabyGirl will wax eloquent about the return of the sun's warmth. "Oh, I love the sun. Don't you just love the sun, Mama? The sun loves us! The sun is warm! The sun is my favorite. I love the sun."

I'm pretty sure the birds are saying the same thing. There are so many of them now! We live near some prime bird-watching spots, so we've gotten to see several kinds that we've never seen before.

It's warm enough that we need a boat to go out on the lake now.
And so, gentle readers, thus ends the long winter (which everyone here tells me was much too mild and short to call a long winter). I found this the other day which goes to show that I am in good company as far as reinterpreting what defines winter.

Thank you for letting me share the dragging days with all of you by way of too many posts about the weather. Here is a big high five for sticking with it (from someone who is an expert on cold weather).


Brian said…
So, um, as soon as it becomes livable, you leave?