The One Hundred Twenty-Second Day of Winter

Of course it was bound to happen.

I finally took the snow shovel and ice scraper out of the back of the car last night. So of course there was snow today.

I was running errands and kept thinking to myself, "A few weeks of warmer weather and I've gotten soft again. Why am I so cold?" And then I saw white stuff floating down from the sky, and I studied it carefully so as to make sure it was not A) ash B) blossom petals C) dandelion fluff (which have all been airborne since the last snow). Indeed they were snow flakes.

Not enough so as to require the snow shovel, but sufficient to be glad I had not yet packed away all of our winter gear. See? Procrastination (or busy-mommedness) has its benefits sometimes.

SOS and CutieLittleBoy are off to try their luck at fishing, now. If cold temperatures slow fish down, they won't need any hooks. They should be able to reach in and grab any passing fish.