Eight Photos of Us

This week marks 8 years since SOS asked me to marry him. In honor of that occasion, here are eight photos of us.
Our first picture together. At my sister's wedding, two months after I finally admitted we were dating... and six months after our first date.

In front of the Beverly Hills Court House after getting our marriage license. Because starting something off in Beverly Hills is much more glamorous than in Northridge... or maybe just the lines are shorter.

Our wedding day.

Dinner at our first home (our Honeymoon House). Notice the yogurt cups and pie plates we are using as our fine china and our high quality furniture.

Our first meal in our new house. We had some work to do. :)

First international travel together. Notice how well we communicated about what kind of picture we were taking. 

What we look like through our children's eyes.

And proof that every decision we make as parents is met with joy and enthusiasm by the children.


Terri S said…
Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see you soon!