Usually I consider myself lucky if I can remember somebody's name. I consider myself twice lucky if I can remember the person's name when I have known them forever and I am currently talking to them.

So that is why I have a serious problem when it comes to monster trucks.

Race cars, too.

The problem is this: all monster trucks have names, all monster trucks have drivers who have names, all race cars have drivers who have names, all race cars have primary company sponsors who have names.

If you hadn't realized, that is too many names. Bone Crusher and Grave Digger and Medusa and Steel Striker. Dennis Anderson and Tom Someone and Luke Someone Else. And Home Depot and Cheerios and Dupont. I think.

It all gets very confusing.


caedmonstia said…
I learned that the way to test to see if someone is having a stroke, is you ask them to laugh (here I pause while you try) and then a few simple questions, like, what is your sister's name? (Here I pause and then give you a hint: It is not Bone Crusher).

Where you able to laugh and remember your sister's name? Then you are not having a stroke.