The One Hundred Nineteenth Day of Winter

This morning I took the kids out to the car without grabbing a hat or jacket for BabyMyBoy. I debated whether it was cold enough that I should run back in for them. Eventually, the fear of being chided out in public for having a freezing baby motivated me to climb our stairs and hunt them down.

I'm so glad I did because the weather got colder and colder. By noon, when I came out of the grocery store, it was snowing and the wind was creating swirls of snow across the parking lot.

And I said, "Self, remember when the trees blossomed in California and there were millions of tiny white flowers that the wind would blow off the trees and across the roads in great swirls of white? Remember what that used to look like and you would study the white petals extra closely to make sure it wasn't actually snow? Well, I don't think you will get that confused any more."

On the way home, we drove by a house just around the corner from our apartment that is for sale. I was all set to post a link to Zillow and invite any of my dear readers to buy the house so we could be neighbors. I was going to tempt you all by saying that you would have at least six full months of enjoying the house before you had to shovel the driveway. Tempting, eh?

But guess what?!? The house has a heated driveway! You won't have to shovel it! It's a mere 1.6 million dollars, but what with the heated driveway, a laundry room for each floor, a disco/dance room, and us for neighbors, what more could you want?