Creative Outlets

This semester I have decided to take classes that will foster my creative side. I'm taking piano, clothing construction (no hammers required), and drawing. I signed up for creative writing, but as you read in my previous rant on the subject, I don't care to have a teacher read what I write and decide that what I really mean to write has a great deal more sex, language, and violence.

So I've decided to drop that class. But don't worry, in order to keep with my theme of fostering my creative genius I have decided to take Personal Finance.


As soon as I get some Personal Finance, I am going to take that class.
slowlane said…
It requires more creative energies if you take the class before you have any Personal Finances.
Matthew Carroll said…
I think Personal Finance has always resulted in more sex, language and violence than Creative Writing ever has.
Both true and witty. My creative writing class had very little sex and violence. I think it was rated PG.
slowlane said…
Well this creative writing class promised to be rated NC 17 (It said so in the course syllabus) and I tend to think that my personal finance won't achieve quite that level.