That's Funny!

Sometimes I think the air holds ideas just like it holds humidity. One day you wake up and find yourself just dripping with something you hadn't noticed before.

Yesterday I was caught by surprise to have two conversations on the very same topic with a five year old, who may not make it through highschool if she keeps to her socio-economic expectations, and a two year old, who probably won't stop short of a doctorate, if he keeps to his socio-economic expectations.

The topic of these conversations was humor.

They would present to me a scenario and then say "That's funny, huh." And I would be obliged to answer "yes" or "no, not really."

Humor is a strange thing to figure out. An infant may laugh endlessly about a clothes hanger dropping on the floor. A three year old thinks it is hilarious to hear someone talk with their nose plugged. A junior higher snickers about things better left in their knickers. And a middle aged man loves to twist in a pun.

Humor seems so elusive at times, yet ever so desireable. I remember the first successful joke I told and the elation I felt for having gotten people to laugh intentionally.

But here I am so many years later, wanting to edge over to someone and say "That's funny, huh."


Elena Johnston said…
Wanna hear my very first joke? I made it up all by myself on a family picnic when I was six.

What did the baby tree say to the other baby tree when the mommy tree laid an egg?





How strange!

Get it?

Neither do I.