I discovered that I have a thing against soft serve machines that spit chocolate milk all over my shirt.


This definately begs a couple of questions:
1. Would it have made a difference if it was _strawberry_ milk?
2. Would it have been different if it had been splatters from a _scoop_ of chocolate ice cream
3. Have you considered going to Baskin Robbins instead? We went there yesterday and the lady was really nice and offered one of us a job if only he had the use of two hands.
4. This is not a question but a recommendation. Buy a big tub of Haggen-Dasz strawberry and eat it at home. I love this so much that I don't buy it at all but if I did, I would not spill a drop.
slowlane said…
Answers (Sorry for the delay, I kind of had 800 pages to read in the last three days.):
1) I think it would make a difference with strawberry milk because I think that stains less than chocolate.
2) Scooped chocolate icecream usually is firm enough that you have some time before it becomes one with your shirt.
3) I would love to go to Baskin Robbins. I was at Hometown Buffet and I realized that everyone there was VERY serious about their food. No one seemed happy to be getting food.
4) I have decided that the closest thing to the perfect dessert is the Toll House brownie mint bars. A brownie topped with mint icecream covered in hard chocolate. It is like the perfect mix of all of my favorites... mint 'n chip icecream, hard chocolate, icecream sandwich, brownie, and chocolate. What more could you want? Okay, I think I could want it to be a little less pricey.