Strange Truth: truth is stranger than fiction

I once watched a movie where I spent the majority of the movie thinking "This is such a dumb movie. No one really behaves like this." I have since been proven wrong.

But today, oh today, I was told a story that made me wonder if the person still thought it was April 1 and could slide a whopper of a tale by me.

During the reminiscing after a funeral, one of the bereaved suggested that they might get a tattoo to remember the deceased by. The 75 year old widow thought that it was a lovely tribute and prompted every one to think of what tattoo would be most meaningful. And then, with the matriarch going first, all of the women in the family flooded a tattoo parlor and went under the needle.

Maybe I am just woefully ignorant, but does stuff like this really happen? or should I keep an eye out for when the peel-and-stick tattoo wears off?