The Unauthorized Version

Anything that gets a lot of attention has at least one unauthorized version.

At my desk on the corner of Main Thoroughfare and Bathroom Hallway, I am slowly developing the grand tour "The Unauthorized Version."

That way, while people hang out at my desk waiting for their traveling companion to exit the restroom (How awkward is that?) I can entertain them with strange but true facts.

Of course, some may not find the mysteriously vanishing "Exit" sign entertaining. And others may not appreciate the eerie resemblance the main architectural feature has to a coffin. Still others may find it down right dull to hear what methods we use to outsmart the light sensors (flying kleenex boxes, anyone?). But you've got to be intrigued when you can hear conversations on the floor below you better than the person on the other side of the elbow-high wall. And who could turn away from the tale of the construction worker who was seen every day for two weeks, wearing the same clothes, carrying the same pieces of equipment back and forth, around and around... standing as if waiting for the elevator without having ever called it?

I guess it isn't quite enough to make an entire unauthorized tour, but so far it's been more interesting than hanging out in a bathroom. I figure that means it has promise, don't you?