I have been tagged for a meme from Emily. I'm not sure that I've ever responded to a meme before, if I did, it was probably to this same prompt... except, that this one was tailored just for me! Of course I have to oblige.

THE (Original) RULES:
Look up from the computer, look around the room where you're sitting and pick up the closest book. Open the book, turn to page 123, count down to the fifth sentence on that page, and then post the next three sentences.

The Tailored rules:

SlowLane (who I hope will complete this at work - and for you - change the rules a bit and use the most interesting request letter you have lying around.)

Probably the most interesting letter I handled today was a letter from Bill. Or Sandra. It is the same person, but he/she never could decide whether he was Bill or she was Sandra. I think he/she is generally genderly confused. He/She addressed his/her lengthy letter to “preacher man [name of female]”.

I wonder how much shorter the letter would have been if it hadn't been written by both Bill and Sandra.

But regardless, I finally gave up trying to write a reply. If both Bill and Sandra working together on the same letter can't figure out which one is which, how on earth am I supposed to figure out who said what? I can just imagine:

Dear Bill (or Sandra),

I am so [glad? Perplexed?] you and Sandra (or Bill) took the time to write Preacher Man. I am not really sure which one of you it was that first learned about Preacher Man, but thank you for informing the other one of you about her.


Me of the one name (perhaps you, or the other of you, might also consider benefits of using just one name?)

And since this is a game of tag, I tag

Capers with Carroll, since eventually he will run out of large earthquakes

Lasselanta, because she needs a good reason to wake up her blog

Na-Dache, because he probably has no books close at hand that are less than 123 pages


Slowlane, because I might need another excuse to do this.


Thanks for playing, Slowlane! :)