Miscellaneaus Thoughts on the Season

I got a coupon to "Save on Last Minute Shopping" that expired on the 18th. Whose bright idea was that?

I have decided that the two reasons for Christmas cards are
A) Updating your address book
B) Finding an excuse to say "hi"

Why do Christmas cookies taste so much better at Christmas?

Songs sung at night as a group in the open air when it is very, very cold sound almost as good as songs sung by soloists in the shower.

It seems that when it comes to Christmas songs, you either love them or hate them.

How come the songs they play in shopping malls are the songs that I hate?

Wishing for a white Christmas in New England and wishing for a white Christmas in the Central Valley do not carry the same warmth of feeling.

Christmas is the perfect time to discover hidden routes to and from the mall and post office.

Why haven't they invented a fire proof rotisserie chair? One that you can sit in near the fire without burning one side before the other is heated?

Why do you think no one dresses up as Santa for Halloween?

How come people think the twelve days of Christmas are the days leading up to Christmas and not the days between Christmas and Epiphany?

And why are candy canes only sold at Christmas time?