Drama Kitty

There is a cat in the neighborhood that has decided that our front yard is her stage.

Scene one: Juliet the drama kitty sits on a tree stump, looking across the great expanse at Romeo. Juliet sounds so forlorn, meowing and meowing and meowing. Romeo sits rock still, trying to poison Juliet with his glare before she can finish her monologue.

Scene two: Juliet, not to be thwarted by Romeo's straying from the script, continues acting out this great tragedy. For this reason I hear horrible, pity-inducing kitty cries, and I rush out to find what ever injured cat it is. What I find looks particularly heathenish. The top of a long spade/shovel is protruding from the middle of this poor, crying cat. However, as soon as she sees me, she unwraps herself from around the spade stuck in the ground and trots off.

I just hope she doesn't go prima dona on me.