The Fifty-Second Day of Winter

Last night I experienced the second casualty of winter (the first being warmth).

I had my hair cut.

I figured I should have someone cut it before I went out one morning with wet hair and the freezing wind snapped my hair off at the roots. Now that it is a dozen inches shorter, it is much easier to dry it.

But I digress from my story.

As I was sitting in the salon chair, we were chatting about the weather turning miserably cold during the night, and the hair technician commented about how it probably didn't make a huge difference since we would probably both just stay in cozy pajamas all day.

Now I have never thought myself to be particularly prone to the train of thought that goes, "Look God, do you see how good I'm being? Do you see how much I am sacrificing because I love you? Don't I deserve a special reward for just being so incredibly Christian right now?" But I've discovered that the cold brings it out in me. All the while as I dressed for church this morning, I kept thinking, "See, God? See? Are you watching me joyfully getting ready to step outside into zero degree weather to make it to church this morning? I could be staying cozy in my pajamas all day, but no! I'm going to church!"

Now I could tell you that God rewarded my obedience and it wasn't actually really all that cold. Or I could tell you that I happened to find a winning outfit that allowed me to walk to and from the car in perfect protected warmth. Or even that I was so blessed by the morning worship service that I thought nothing of the cold in my bliss filled spirit.

But none of that happened. It was cold. And I went to church. And I came home. End of story.