The Ninety-Second Day of Winter

This morning the sun was shining and glorious. The forecast said it would get up into the mid 40s. Such warmth!

But that was before the wind kicked up.

A friend and I took our littlest kids to the downtown library this morning. (It has one entire floor dedicated to children. Genius!) Street parking is almost non-existent, so we parked in the structure (or "ramp" as it is called here). Since it was such a beautiful morning, we parked all the way at the top... out in the glorious sunshine.

But two hours later, the wind reminded us it was definitely still winter. It blew in quite the gray day.

And the elevator stopped working.

Did I mention the top of the parking structure is on floor number 7?

Thank goodness we traveled in twos. Otherwise it would have been seven flights of stairs with two children and a double stroller.

Another thing to be thankful for: it was cool enough that even though I charged up seven flights of stairs while my friend corralled four young children at the entrance of a dark parking garage, I never broke a sweat.