The One Hundredth Day of Winter

Friends, today was THE DAY.

Remember how "THE DAY" is the first fluke-warm day of the year? It feels so comparatively warm that everyone goes out in shorts and enjoys the sunny day.

Friends, it got all the way up to 53 degrees!!!!!!!


There was no way we were sitting inside for this one.

I started the day with a bike ride. Yes, it was still in the 30s at that point, but I saw more people wearing shorts than wearing long pants.

Then we went to the park. If you scratched the bark aside, you still hit ice before dirt, but people... SUN! Warmth!

Then SOS had to go to a meeting, but the kids and I took a picnic to the zoo.

Friends, the zoo was a zoo. It was packed. The parking lots were full and there was no street parking anywhere near the place. It took us half an hour to find parking.

CutieLittleBoy kept complaining about how hot it was... even though he had soaked his shoe stepping onto (and through) thin ice.

After the zoo, we returned to pick up SOS and then we joined the crowds for a sunny day on the lake.

BabyMyBoy approves of the new sensation of warmth while outside.

And then we stood in a long, long line for ice cream.

It was a glorious, sun-shiny warm day. We even saw people in hammocks tied between trees on the shores of two different frozen lakes.

One hundred days in, and maybe spring is just around the corner after all.