That Special Season

It's official. It's that special time of year...

The time of year when everyone pretends they are living in the slow lane and edges towards insanity trying to prove themselves right.

Is this characteristic of you?

I have made a simple quiz that you can take to determine whether you believe this of yourself or not.

1) Do you realize that Christmas is less than a month away?
2) Do you intend to celebrate Christmas?
3) Do you have things that you need to do before Christmas arrives that have nothing to do with Christmas?
4) Do you still need to find gifts to give at Christmas?
5) Do you intend to give gifts consisting of something other than your dirty laundry?
6) Do you intend to sleep between now and Christmas?
7) Do you intend to have a conversation of any sort with any human, animal, plant, car, and/or computer before Christmas?
8) Do you intend to wear clothes other than what you have on now between now and Christmas?

If you answered yes to

*0-2 questions above, then you are perhaps related to the dead fish in my aquarium.

*3-5 questions above, then you are probably a grinch or a hermit.

*6-8 questions above, then you think that perhaps you can drive in the slow lane at 90 mph... a sure sign of insanity.

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