Give me a Christmas cheer

What follows is the transcript of an evening in my apartment in a bygone year. Which year and which apartment and who are the participants? Alas, for the sake of the dignity of all involved, I am forced to withhold that information.

A person other than me: "You know... those nails around the kitchen look like the perfect place to hang underwear."
"Hm... you're right."
"We could make it festive, you know, decorate for Christmas."
"Do you want to? We could, you know."

Also a person other than me: "I've realized something else that I don't want to be when I grow up."
"What's that?"
"A food processor" (hand scrunching rice-crispies the whole while.)
"You could have used the blender."

Later still...
"Adding Hershey kisses in between the underwear makes it look so festive."
"Yes, they are very sparkly and fun. Too bad we don't have any christmas lights."

And this was before we brought out the egg-nog.


Brian said…
Dear Slow Lane:
I discovered your site when I Googled Underwear+eggnog. I think we are meant for each other. Please check out my site.
slowlane said…
I was going to delete the previous post on account of questionable character, but then I realized just which character it was.

On second thought, I may still delete the previous post...