9 Things A Babysitter Doesn't Want to Hear As the Parents Leave

Junior had three poop accidents yesterday and he's already had one today.

Junior has been sick the last couple of days, but I don't think he is contagious anymore.

We have a half-wild cat in that room, so try to keep the kids out of there.

We didn't want to call and tell you that there will be another kid for you to watch because in reality she'll probably be a calming influence on the other five.

We were over at a friend's house and they had a lot of sweets. How late can you stay?

If she throws a tantrum, this is how to hold her arms and legs without getting hurt.

We will probably be back late.

Junior has never gone to sleep without me before, so it's okay if he is still up when we get back.

If we don't come back, make sure my son is raised in a Christian home. The will is in the safe.