Weighty Issues

Recently I have become bothered by the weight of my fingernails. My toenails, too, seem to be an uncomfortable feature. They are not ridiculously long nor burried in unslightly inches of polish, I just wish that I could take them off to give my fingers a rest.

Now I don't wish to do without them, but like a hair clip or a retainer or a watch or a pair of shoes, I imagine it would be nice to take them off for just awhile before putting them back on.

It really is too bad that they are attached so well.


Elena Johnston said…
Oh dear. Now look what you've done. It would never have occured to me to be bothered by that if not for you.
slowlane said…
Once a few more people join us, we can form a support group.
My dad used to complain about tired teeth. I think you would have gotten along.