Cheap Entertainment

Today I discovered the sound of a cat falling into the turtle tank.

One dollar and 83 cents worth of crickets were sitting on top of the turtle tank in two plastic bags, waiting for their fated appointment with Farah the tarantula.

Curiosity may have killed some cat at one time or another, but Spikey's curiosity only got her good and soaked as she attempted to reach the crickets.

Of course, her curiosity also got the dining room and the path to the front door good and soaked, too, but the memory of her little wet, startled looking face kept me laughing through the clean up.

The turtle, too, was rather startled. She didn't do her little "feed me dance" when I walked by her tank. Or maybe she wasn't startled, maybe she was just disheartened that she had missed her chance to finally get a good sized meal.


slowlane said…
A female therafacidae (I believe that is how it is spelled.).
She is the class pet in my Dad's classroom.