So it's been a little while since I've complained about cats or detailed the perplexing behavior of small children or lauded the virtues of a pair of pants. Nor do I much care to do so now. In the state of mind I am currently in, I might just laud the virtues of cats, complain about small children, or detail the perplexing behavior of a pair of pants.

Instead I will brag about the pair of pies I made that auctioned off for more than $40 each. (Too bad I can't make a business of that.)

And I will comment on the strange sensation of meeting someone face to face who has first come to know you through your blog (Here's to you "The girl in the red hat" and "radioboy")

And I will advise you all on the virtues of ascertaining the thouroughness of your sunscreen application so that you don't wind up with finger marks of sunburn and other variations.

And I will remind you of the slight panicky sensation which follows accidentally walking through a large spider web... that period of time when you register what it is that wrapped itself around you until you are able to make sure that the spider is unharmed, though annoyed.