It being the first day of the new year, the bothersome "R" word is no doubt lurking in your head. If it wasn't two minutes ago, it is now.

But before you decide that you made one blog stop too many and start grumbling "resolutions schmesolutions" might I suggest a way of approaching them that is much more palatable? (And, I might add, much less cliche.)

This new method I have practiced for several years now and have found it most satisfying. I like to call it my "Make Resolutions For Someone Else To Keep" method. Of course you can't guarantee that the "someone else" will keep all of the resolutions that you provide for them, but then that is the whole point of new year resolutions.

So, naturally, I have decided that my dear readers are in need of some New Year's Resolutions. So without further ado...

1) Visit a pet store and play with (or merely watch) one animal for at least five minutes.

2) Send a snail mail letter to at least two people.

3) Find some mud and walk barefoot through it.

4) Give flowers to a friend (I like most any kind, thank you.).

5) Make up a holiday and then celebrate it with friends and/or family (popular ones of the past have been Crazy Sister Day and Roommate Appreciation Day). (If you need some appropriate greeting cards for these occasions, just let me know.)

6) Use one pen exclusively until all of the ink is gone.

7) Ask a neighbor if you can borrow half a cup of sugar from them.

8) Buy fun socks and leave them on a stranger's door step.

9) Drink pink lemonade.

10) Keep record of the resolutions that you keep.


caedmonstia said…
For those of you greeting-card fans out there, I received a card once celebrating "Corrugated Cardboard Day". Yes, there are many good ways to celebrate life that have not yet accumulated consumeristic baggage (sales, commercials, etc.) So I heartily agree that these are the best types of holidays.