Bloom Where You Are Planted

I have a highly productive habit of taking a popular maxim and tearing it to pieces and then hitting it with a large stick and then dragging it behind a herd of horses for thirty miles.

Several years ago I became angry at "Seize the day". I wrote a letter to the school paper and then I wrote a 28 page paper about how totally wrong that mentality is.

Similarly, "Bloom where you are planted" has bugged me and made me kick small tables and chairs for years, but only tonight did I settle on why it is so onerous. Forget "blooming" I say just aim for photosynthesis and if you get a bloom, good on ya, but if you happen to be a carrot plant, you will be mighty frustrated if you think your purpose is to bloom and someone keeps harvesting your carrots before you can store up enough energy in your roots to do so.

And so, dear readers, photosynthesize where you are planted.

(Oh yeah, and keep in mind that you might be planted in a seed flat and may see many transitions before you even muster enough of a root system to shoot out a leaf.)


Vicki Carroll said…
Are you feeling like you're in a seed flat, out in the middle of that echo-y place at Main Thoroughfare and Restroom Hallway? It doesn't promote feelings of security, huh? I'm sorry. "Bloom where you're planted" probably goes right along with "Don't put your tent-stakes in too deep." Beat that one up for me, will ya?