I've often wondered how the camp song "Wadally-acha" came to be. Besides the ridiculous words and the hand motions that will have your hands colliding as they try to go from your ear to your nose and back again, well... I can't think of anything besides that.

The point is, until you've had a while to practice, you are likely to end up with a bruise or two.

I've been reminded of this song recently for a number of reasons. I have listed them below:

1. Ear plugs to drown out the worst of the noise
2. Headphones to go over the ear plugs to give a more pleasant background noise.
3. Dust mask to keep plaster particles and wood dust in my lungs to a minimum.
4. Blanket across my lap to keep away the chill.

Now I can keep all of these in place while I am busily working on writing a letter, but say the phone rings or someone stops by my desk to remark on the noise. Suddenly I have to make several moves... remove the headphones first, no maybe the dust mask, no - wait... the ear plugs, or maybe I can leave one in... or maybe not, and if I leave the dust mask on they can hear me but not see my expression, and oops the blanket is sliding off my lap... but usually by then the person has finished commenting and waves as they walk away.

As I lift my arm to wave back I think, "But the part I like best goes 'doodily, doodily, doo boop! boop!'"