People in glass houses...

We have been told many times that there is more glass on the inside of our new office building than there is around the outside.

This truth brings many things to mind, but today I wish to mention the strange matter of the two worlds currently existing inside the building. And by that I mean those who are on the construction team and those who are my fellow co-workers.

Yesterday as I walked along the glass overlooking the main construction zone, I heard someone start whistling about the girl from Ipanema. Later a fellow co-worker and I stopped to marvel at the enormous pieces of marble being installed, and a third co-worker came by to ask what we were looking at.

I said "Oh, we were just admiring that huge hunk" and I stumbled, thinking that it was a very poor choice of words, but it was too late to take it back, "of marble."

The acoustics in that building are enough to make you worry about a slip like that. But maybe with all of the drilling and banging and pounding and sanding and vacuuming and hammering and sawing and cutting and stomping and slamming and clattering that is such a prominent part of their job, they were too deaf to hear.

One can hope.