Do you have internet access?

The most polarizing question I ask during a routine day is "Do you have internet access?"

If I asked this question of many of you, it would be like asking "Do you breathe oxygen?"

But surprisingly, there are still a large number of people who view the question as akin to "Do you fly to work?" Yes of course you know that there are some people in some places who do such a strange activity, but it isn't you, and it isn't likely to be you any time soon.

The other day I got the response "Yes, but I have to drive about half an hour to get there." Where in the United States can you be an entire half hour from internet access?

I guess when I am on the 5 at rush hour, I am half an hour from internet access.

But my point is, that this one question has the power to make the person who hears it believe that either I am A) Condescending or B) Out of touch with the real world.

But then of course, I live and work in California which is the same as saying condescending and out of touch with the real world.