How much is that doggy in the window?

I have never been one of those people who will walk into a pet store just to play with the puppies or kittens.

I actually happen to be one of those disturbing people who may even cross to the other side of the mall to avoid cooing at the animals.

But I've realized that flowers are another matter. This weekend I drove by a flower shop, and I wanted so very much to stop and just run in to stroke the flowers.

Every time I go grocery shopping, I walk by the flower display and wish, longingly, that I could take even the saddest looking ones home.

Sometimes I stand in their midst and silently ask them if they have any good ideas as to how I can justify spending the money necessary to bring them home. I wonder if I voiced my questions if they would take their cue from me and voice the answers.

But alas, I guess I will just satisfy myself with patting them on their heads, stroking beneath their chins, and promising I'll come back to see them next time.