There have been many times I doubted I would make it, but here I am, one year later.

The first day on the job, I spent eight hours sitting at my desk without any light, squinting my way through a couple hundred pages, wondering how on earth I had gotten into a job which would require an estimated three months of training. I came home with a headache, shut myself in my room and napped until it was time to go to bed.

Today I was the most equipped in my department, working in the place of four others over the course of the day, yet returning to my desk to wish for further training on what waited for me there. I ended the day squinting at my desk because I had no co-workers to trigger the light sensor.

That first day, a year seemed a life-time, and a life-time seemed an eternity.

Some things haven't changed... I still stutter when saying my job title, I still have trouble knowing when it is polite to hang up.

But at least I now know that a year in a 40 hour-a-week desk job is not a life-time.

And I only used a Dilbert analogy once today.


Matthew Carroll said…
Congratulations! I have enjoyed following your adventures!