The Week in Numbers

Hours in my work week: 40
Hours I was unofficially in charge of my department: 45 (Includes lunch breaks)
Hours where I was my department: 10

Number of external phone calls received: 21
Number of letters written: 13
Number of walk-ins: 2 (To my recollection, we've never had even one of those before.)

Number of tours by my desk: 9
Number of tours given by me: 1
Number of tours I received: 1 (The NPO that rents space from us.)

Steps to the printer: 21
Steps to the kitchen: 60
Steps to the snack counter: 175

Times I was left in the dark: 7
Times I signed onto a co-worker's email account: 15
Times I want to do this again: 0


lasselanta said…
caedmonstia said…
Well sweetie sounds like work was a bit tough this week!

But that means that next week will probably be better.