I have already mentioned that my new office space has tons of glass and how you can see a great deal of the insides without moving much at all.

I recently realized a very dangerous aspect of this: I can see the snack counter every time I return from my trip to the printer. It is doubly dangerous in that I can see well enough to spy that there is some sort of snack, but not well enough to see what manner of snack it is.

Have you ever tried walking by a potentially amazing treat time after time after time? Eventually, you just have to find out what it might be.

And so I make all 175 steps it takes to reach the snack counter, just to see.

But 175 steps is quite a hike. And once I find out the only choice is stale blueberry-peach muffins, I figure I need some sustenance to get all 175 steps back to my desk. Or I find that the snack is some decadent dessert and because the trip will require 350 steps in total, of course I can take a slightly larger piece than I would otherwise.

Problems for sure.

Maybe they should set up the snacks in the exercise room... the only room with opaque glass.


You have an exercise room in your office building? Why? And does anyone use it?
slowlane said…
We have an exercise room because our building is aimed at being the very best design in modern work space. No one uses it yet because it was only recently finished and everyone needs to be trained on the machines and sign a waiver that they won't sue or otherwise cause problems.