The King and I

The King and I
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I've been waiting for this photo for quite some time to share it with all of you. This is during the last formal dinner we had in China where I had the important job of keeping my charge from reaching towards the boiling pot of water, the Vice Principal had the job of feeding him, and the lovely three waitresses had the job of wiping his face, picking up whatever he dropped, and providing entertainment with his dinner.

I couldn't help but wonder "Do they know something about this kid that I don't?"


Rachel said…
Goodness! Who was the child?

Cool picture, by the way.
slowlane said…
His parents are directors of a group that goes to China every summer to teach English. Because they were the honored guests and there aren't very many blonde babies in China, my charge ended up being the super honored guest.

And I ended up trying to eat using chopsticks in my left hand.