Still Walnuts

Drawing a walnut in its husk is a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, I accidentally sat on the walnut and crushed the husk to a fine dust that got lost in the seat cushions of my truck. I no longer had to worry about the husk.

But then drawing the walnut shell proved difficult because I was frequently interrupted by a rambunctious three year old and nice women who worried that I was straining my eyes and so would change the main source of light, changing all of the shadows and highlights.

But friends, these difficulties are minor when compared to the difficulty of drawing the meat of the walnut. A freshly shelled walnut, sitting all by itself right in front of you... I cannot tell you how many times I reached out to pop that nut into my mouth.

Maybe in the light of day I will notice a glaring error in my drawing and wish to correct it against the nut, but tonight, oh, that nut was sweet.